Entry dates for receipts and payments

With a small business I enter receipts and payments after the end of the month when the bank statements are available. For each entry the date is shown as the current date and it takes a couple of clicks to change it to the right date in the previous month. This gets tedious for a range of entries. Is there any way to make the previous date or month stick for the next entry?
I am on desktop version 20.8.96.

No. But if you are waiting until a bank statement is available at the end of the month, why not import the statement?

Unfortunately the Financial Services used does not export statements.


What works for me on Windows Desktop version is to select the required date on the first transaction and, while still in entry/edit mode, highlight the entire date and use the “Copy” function. Then on each subsequent transaction, highlight the date again and use the “Paste” function. Saves me some time if I am posting several transactions to a previous period.

Unfortunately statements are only available inpdf form.



Thanks, a good suggestion. I will try it next time.


Then something like @Scott.E’s suggestion is your best bet. The difficult with your request is that day, month, and year are not separate fields. Date is a single variable.