Thank you, Manager Creator

This is an awesome program.
Not only is it Free!!, but it’s also convenient, straightforward, easy-to-use, logical, well thought out.
The help files are comprehensive and clear.
I trialed dozens of accounting software programs - Wave, MYOB, Xero, Quickbooks, et., etc with prices upwards of $30 per month.
None of them are as easy to use as Manager.
I was prepared to pay $30 per month for a package that does inventory, but there’s always some limitation - it does inventory, but if you have more than 20 transactions permonth, the price is now $50 per month!
You want the stand-alone desktop package?
O, that’s either not available or it’s $800 (with limitations).
Manager has limitations too - it can’t connect to banks electronically.
Did I mention it’s FREE?!
Thank you , thank you, thank you.


If you like it. remember that there are countless hours put into the software by the author, so when your business grows then please consider buying the server version and support further development of Manager. I am not involved with this software, I am just a user like you and I very happily used a fragment of my profits to support the author of the main computer system I use for my small business.


Many many thanks to developers. I am just starting my business and was worried about accounting. Then I found Manager, and it it is worth its name.
I hope I can contribute to its development too in future.



An easy way is to buy the paid version :slight_smile:

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I want to say thanks too, I used MYOB in my old job, then I started my own business and “Manager” is by far the best piece of software out there, will be happy to buy the server version once my business lifts up.

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Wow, I love this program. I have used Quickbooks and MYOB, and others, for 20 years but when the prices became ridiculous to keep up with for no benefit at all, I dumped them. I now train my small business clients to use this program and it is awesome and comparable to the big names.

I never thought I would find a program like this without paying huge $$$ for. Totally awesome.
So glad that this is free, but even if we had to pay a small amount every year to keep it updated, I am sure that everyone would pay. I will never again recommend the other programs on principal values, but I will always recommend this program.

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I wonder would an “honesty box” type of donation/subscription work for people here that can’t afford the paid cloud version but would like to contribute to the upkeep of Free Manager?

I think most businesses can afford this software and if not then I think they can just use the free version of Manager until they can afford it. That is how I started using Manager and I proudly pay the fee per year because I don’t need to, but I want to… I am not sure if donations of small amounts are worth it if you take the accounting work needed to book the donations into consideration… Plus if you transfer or pay small amounts with Paypal or similar services then the receiver will pay most of the donation to their fees… So net amount would be very limited…

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I am sure that small and micro buisnesses would be happy to pay $50 after trialling and using the program for a few months. Every $50 will help the developers considering the amount of people using the program.


I think that is a great idea DebonAir.
I will gladly pay $50 and I am sure there are many more that would do the same.
I am sure there could be a donation pop up after someone downloads the decktop software and a reminder after a month or so. (Just like the discobot here)
Every donation is a plus.