18.11.68 Randomly Stuck

i update my manager desktop edition yesterday,
unfortunately it stuck (not responding) randomly at different points, like some time on invoice page some time on printing.
my last version was 18.4.79.
Please help Me.

What version windows, mac, linux?

Win 10 32 Bit

Wait another day and then update Manager again, perhaps your last update didn’t install correctly.

@umar6580, try three things, in this order:

  1. Restart your computer if you have not since the updating.
  2. If that doesn’t correct the problem, download a new copy of Manager and reinstall. There is no reason to wait a day. When you reinstall, do not uninstall anything first. Install Manager as though it were your first installation. The Manager installer will take care of other, existing versions. If asked whether to keep the older version, in this case answer No.
  3. If the problem is not resolved, reboot the computer again.

Let us know if the problem is corrected and, if so, at which step.

Thanx for your help I will try these tomorrow and inform the outcomes.
Thanx again…

Hello TUT,
I downloaded the new copy of manager and installed it, its work good.
All things approximately resolved except the printing Page. on printing page the problem is continuous.
when i give a printing command some time it stuck on the the invoice page and some times on printing page as shown blow.

i use the both methods print button command and print preview command as you see.

(Some time it still stock on any other page.)

You seem to be trying to print in landscape orientation. Why? Change to portrait orientation, which is how Manager is arranged. See if the problem goes away. Also, you are using a custom theme. Does the problem go away when using a built-in theme? You are responsible for performance of custom themes.

i am using all these settings from months.
problem start when i upgrade to latest version.
No matter landscape orientation or portrait orientation both behave same way.

It does not matter how long you have been using a custom theme. New versions of Manager do not take into account custom themes you wrote. Themes that might have worked before may not work on newer versions. This is a risk you take when you write your own. Many portions of Manager are being revised to accommodate new, upcoming features.

So if you want help, please try a built-in theme. These are the only ones the developer can consider when improving the program. If the problem persists, it will then be addressed. But if the problem is caused by a custom theme, you will need to revise your theme.