[17.9.63] Cloud edition now supports custom domains

CNAME requires sub-domain…

but subdomain can be www so you can point www.abc.com to xyz.manager.io

All am asking is it doable. I dont have a website. I want to use the domain i bought to link manager.io. is it possible?

I’ve answered - yes. If your domain name is abc.com then you can map your cloud site to www.abc.com.

Hi Lubos,

It’s really easy to use and understand.

I just want to ask if it would be possible (for custom domains in cloud ) forget password Be only allowed to “administrators” and to users granted by administrators with “full access”?

So, they no longer contact support@manager.io.

Or, maybe the “Administrator’s email address shall be given

Or, whenever someone chooses to initiate forget password, admin will be notified thereafter?

@steigen I agree - this needs to be addressed also from another point of view - we get a lot of email from sub-users asking to reset their password. So by having the email address in there - we suffer too.

I have a few ideas in mind how to resolve this.

Looking forward to it.
It would really make us more efficient.

Thanks a lot @lubos

Hi @lubos ,

Is this the new update?

Can we have our contact numbers or email addresses instead of our own name.manager.io?

@lubos, can i change manager icon with my own icon? If can, how should i do? Tq.

What icon are you referring to, @stanisk_welly? And are you referring to the cloud edition?

Yes @Tut, I’m using the manager cloud edition, when I log in the trail version, I see in the browser there is an M manager logo. Can the logo be hidden or replaced with the logo I have? Thank you for the help.

@stanisk_welly, that icon is generated by your browser and operating system. I do not know how.

@stanisk_welly you should change the Favicon in your domain settings. google search for instructions specific to your domain provider.

@Tut, that’s right, when i use firefox browser, there is no M logo, tq for ur respone.
@sharpdrivetek, i will check like u said, tq. for ur help.


@mdarh411 there is no longer support for custom domains. You can use white-label domain called accounting.link so instead of something.manager.io you can use something.accounting.link instead.

Eventually custom domains will return.


Thank you @lubos,
My custom domain works perfectly now. But my site isn’t secure.
Is that take more time to generate SSL on my site?

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Is there no solution for this SSL Invalid?

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Did you resolve this? My site displays the same

You are replying to very old topic. Manager has changed hundreds of times after last reply in this topic.
If your site shows same error

Then click on Advanced and then continue to website ( even unsafe).
This way you can reach your site in chrome.
Use another browser.

Forcing Manager not to use https will create many issues. For example batch create will not work.