Custom domain

can you help me when I set the A record in my DNS manager, it requests me to fill address as IPv4 address and I can’t to fill my , can you guys help me?

As per [17.9.63] Cloud edition now supports custom domains

You have to create CNAME record. Not A record.

I created CNAME record but it just show this
so then?

Into CNAME field, you can enter your domain name.

am I right?
name :
TTL = 3600
Class : in
Type : CNAME
Record :


Yep. Go ahead and try if cloud edition is now accessible via your custom domain.

I reset the DNS of my website, so then I have to re-fill the CNAME of to record the

How long it takes the process until my could be opened like

Read the new Guide: It depends on your provider.

I did, you can read my conversation with @lubos and I succeed to record the CNAME. But my provider reset the DNS, then I have to record again the CNAME and I’m not success yet. Why?

What happens when you ping your custom domain? Does it ping the same IP address as pinging your domain?

If it does, your custom domain should work.

oke it works. Thank you @lubos

What if I want to get my domain (not subdomain) pointing to my URL?

follow the instructions in the guide

This seems to be working only with the subdomains.

this is related to your domain provider and not Manager. you should find help related to your DNS settings with your domain provider.

In Godaddy’s settings page, when I create a CNAME with these values it works:
Type Name Value
CNAME accounts
CNAME www @

But adding a new A record (with the IP of the server) will show an error message:
The record: A @

The error message:

This site can’t be reached

The webpage at https://mydomain.xax/ might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.


The TLS Certificate is issued, but the site is unreachable.