Zero balance bank account's transactions do not appear on Summary/Balance

Hi there

I do not see Paypal account transactions after entering account from Balance sheet or Summary page.

“Paypal” account is Bank account under control account “Paypal (account)”:

control account “Paypal (account)” is made of

“Paypal” account has got zero balance, but it is full of transactions:

But these do not appear under Summary:

And under balance sheet report:

Besides that, if I make one single dummy transaction just to test the account, all remaining transactions start to appear in all previously mentioned areas - Summary:
Balance sheet report:

Even account’s balance is 0, I would expect to see transactions of that account, because these are there. Also, not showing transactions when account balance is 0 can be very misleading, making me think that there were no transactions associated with that account, while in fact these are. Then I will be required to waste time checking if there actually were no transactions or were. That is not good.

What I am doing wrong? How to make those accounts show transactions even when the balance is 0?

Thank you.

Is the Exclude zero balances box checked when you click Edit on the Summary page?


No, it is unchecked:

in reports as well:

It is not clear what some of your screen shots in your first post are supposed to show.

  • Please explain exactly how you got to your 4th and 5th screen shots. It is very strange that they do not display “Empty.”
  • Also explain how you got to your 6th and 7th screen shots. (Presumably, you followed the same procedure as above, but after entering an additional transaction.)

Also, post two additional screen shots:

  1. The balance sheet portion of your chart of accounts under the Settings tab.
  2. The Edit screen for your 10,000,000.00 test entry.

Yes, you are absolutely right - I did all the same, just after adding dummy transaction.

Here it is:

Here it is:


If you transfer money from a Paypal account surely it comes from or goes to another bank account, and so this should be done using an inter-account transfer?

Can you post a screen shot of the Edit screen for the 2019-01-08 payment to Hilton Photographic?

here it is

So, it looks like you have entered everything correctly. And what you see is the result of consistent behavior for all other control accounts. If there is no balance, transactions do not show. Remember, control accounts themselves have no balances. Only their subaccounts have balances. So, when PayPal (the actual account) has a balance, that subaccount will show. But its transactions will not. You first have to choose the individual subaccount to see transactions.

When you entered your test transaction, what appears upon drilling down from the Summary is not the transaction, it is the non-zero balance of the PayPal (account) control account, broken down to the PayPal subaccount.

Your situation is cloudier than most, because you have buried the actual PayPal bank account three groups deep in your chart of accounts.

In summary, you cannot expect a transactions list after drilling down on any control account. And, when an element of a control account has a zero balance, you cannot expect it to show as a contribution to the control account’s balance or the balance of the group to which its control account is assigned, because there is no contribution. That means that if you want to see transactions in a bank account, you must drill down on its statement balance (or actual balance) in the Bank Accounts tab.

But I am still puzzled by the absence of the “Empty” notice in your screen shots #4 and #5. Were they just not captured?


Thank you.