Clarification Regarding Summary main page

Let’s just say I have used Control account to separate between trade activity and non trade activity such as deposits, IRB owed to, and so on.

Is it normal in Summary page when click on the blue link for my example Trade Payable/Receiveable does not show the drill down list of customer followed by relevant transactions of credit sales or purchase sales?

Trade Receiveable (this originally named Account Receiveable system generated account placed under my own created placeholder account named Account Receivable)

Note: the Date set at starting accounting period (till today).
The balance sheet report shows there is transaction but the summary don’t.

Further understanding of what I meant ‘control account’

Chemical Company of Malaysia Berhad in customer edit view


The ‘Control Account’ features used due I’ve created assets account for other receivable where I link the said account to ‘Customers’ Control account.

Here is my COA to get the general idea of how I set it.


I had to follow some of previous COA for transitioning to manager modular system structure.

It is not clear what you are asking. And the screen shots you have used for illustration relate to several different accounts and groups.

Your first question seems to be whether it is normal that the Trade Receivable account in the Summary shows nothing when you click on the blue balance figure. In your case, the “figure” is a dash, indicating the account has no balance. That could be because one of the assigned customers have balances. If there is nothing there, Manager won’t show it.

This behavior is different than drilling down in the Customers tab, where a zero balance could be related to the net effect of invoices and payments that reduce the balance to zero.

Based on what you’ve shown, everything looks normal. But if you think something is wrong, you need to show a consistent set of screen shots apply to a single customer and a single branch of your chart of accounts, not pick things from different branches.

@tut , Sorry, for being lousy presenter. ( I can’t help it to highlight it does related to control account feature no other way to show the evidence I did turn it on, I saw before entering any transactions in sales invoice, when ever I did not specified which customer in tab to be link to one of created asset account. The Account Receivable (system generated) show it self. Or so I remember it works that way.

Yes you are right, my expecting behavior of the summary page by clicking the blue link (in this case ‘-’) would shown the list of transaction happening to that Trade Receivable/Payable even it is net off as zero (0).

If what I understand of @tut explained the summary of Trade Receiveable/Payable to show balance. that means if the net is not 0 (credit sales / purchase yet to be paid) then it will shown? If the all the invoices (credit sales / purchase) paid in full then as per screenshot it shows nothing?

Here I thought the summary page is a quick shortcut / overview similar to balance sheet and Profit and Loss Statement report.

To be clear, when control accounts on the Summary page, such as Cash at bank, Fixed assets, or Accounts receivable, show a dash, that means all of the subsidiary ledgers have zero balances. If you click on the dash, the next screen will show “Empty.” But if one or more subsidiary ledgers has a balance, you will see a list of those ledgers—but not the transactions within them. To see the transactions, you need to drill down further on the desired subsidiary ledger.

Ordinary accounts, on the other hand, may also show dashes on the Summary page when their balances are zero. But, since there are no subsidiary ledgers to be selected, clicking the dash will bring up the list of transactions contributing to the zero balance.

So, if you want to see all the transactions contributing to a zero Accounts receivable balance for a customer, you must do that by drilling down in the Customers tab, not from the Summary. Likewise, the way to see information about a fixed asset with zero book value is to drill down in the Fixed Assets tab, not from the Fixed assets account balance in the Summary.

ah… Now is cleared to me how the summary page works… Thank you @Tut.