Main accounts with zero balance

Why I still see a main account in my P/L if its balance is zero, even if I checked “exclude zero balance” case?

In your example, Other Income is a group, not an account. Group totals always show. The option applies only to accounts. As you currently have things set up, the Other Income group appears to be completely pointless, as it will never have a balance because it contains no accounts.


In fact there’s an account under “Other Income” but it isn’t shown because “exclude zero balance” is active

So my question was : why the group is shown in the P/L in the summary tab and it isn’t shown (wich is more logical) in the P/L in the report section while exclude zero balance is active ?

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OK. That is a different question than the one you asked. The answer lies in the way the Summary page is programmed, and involves the fact that totals sum all groups above them in the Summary. They perform calculations on the page, and the order matters. A group subtotal cannot be suppressed because it is used in a calculation, even when its value is zero. The Profit and Loss Statement is programmed in a completely different way, so zero-balance groups can be suppressed. It performs calculations based on transactions and values in the database, not what else is being displayed in the report. Suppressing a zero-balance result from a calculation does not affect other calculations, because they call data from the database, not values from the display.

Ok, I understood
Thanks tut