Show Transaction history of 0 balance accounts

On the summary page, you may select to “Exclude account with zero balances” or not. This is a very good option to allow you to see the accounts that matter at any given time. The problem, however, is that most of us consult the accounts listed on the summary page when searching for transactions in an account and zero balance accounts show no transactions or history even though there were transactions in the account before the zero balance. The only way to go around this is to go to the general ledger transactions. The problem with the general ledger transaction is that it can’t group transactions of special accounts, if I have 200 suppliers under account payable control account, it will not show me the list of transactions of that control account grouped by the subsidiary accounts (grouped by suppliers) in that control account, it lists all their (suppliers) transactions together.
The above limitation slows down the speed of finding a transaction which is in a zero balance account.

My suggestion to make things better

  1. If the Exclude account with zero balances is unchecked the history in zero balance accounts has to also show.

  2. If the Exclude account with zero balances is unchecked accounts inside a control account with zero balances must also show and display the history in it as well.

I agree, it seems unbelievable that when an account’s transactions accumulate to a zero balance that those transactions making up that zero balance vanish on a Summary tab drilldown.

This only seems to happen to Control Accounts such as Accounts Receivables or Employee Clearing Accounts where the drill down excludes any sub-accounts with a zero balance

The drill down in other accounts with zero balances works - at least for me

Can this be moved to Ideas please?

@Joe91 What version are you using Friend?

Windows Desktop version 19.1.34 on Windows 10 PC

@Joe91 you are right, I have noticed transaction history of account on the summary page with zero balances display their history all the way to the point of Zero balance, that is very nice the outstanding issue now is also showing the same for control account for consistency. As long as the exclude zero balance is deactivated, all accounts whether control account sub-accounts or normal accounts have to show their history, it doesn’t take much to turn it off.

This App keeps improving every day :slight_smile:

The latest version (19.7.61) shows subsidiary accounts with zero balances too.

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