Wrong payments on invoice in manager



We love manager and use it from years,

  1. Right now suspicious things happening and i feel that we found a bug.
  2. On invoice as attached the payment shown as collected payment is wrong,
  3. on statement - as attached the payment shown as collected payment is right,
  4. Clients getting annoyed and we found it few days ago but we were trying to figure out on our end, Now its confirm that its bug as it is happening for all parties,
  5. please tell us if it is a bug or not and how to resolve it as urgent

Please show the edit screen of the receipt 1471

Also show the invoice view screen of the previous invoice to the same customer. It may be that this previous invoice was not yet completely settled and thus some of the receipt allocated to that with the remainder to invoice you have shown.

That statement is incomplete - can you show the whole statement


  1. If we put invoice number for receipt, it shows correctly,
  2. but it has to show the correct amount even without invoice number,
  3. as of previous balance - customer owe us on 0.50 cent.
  4. if a person own only 50 cent and we do not put his invoice number, does it allow software to make wrong entries,
  5. Admin need to comment, user are not requested to comment here

Really? There’s no “Admin” so who do want to answer?

BTW, before posting a possible error you should update Manager.

255.50 of the receipt was used to pay another invoice but in the absence of a complete list or a drill down on the account it is impossible to explain clearly what the situation is

The amount on the statement reflects the receipt from the customer
The amount on the invoice is the amount of this receipt which was assigned to this invoice

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@MOHAMMAD_IMRAN_KHAN first we need to understand the documents we are looking at.

The Supplier Statement (Transactions) report only shows the chronological order of transactions – history if you will – and not the application of payments. Any assumptions made from Supplier Statement (Transactions) regarding payment applications are highly likey to be wrong.

The Purchase Invoice and Payment – on the other hand – both show the application of payments. In your case, you have left out the Invoice field blank:

This means that the payment was not manually applied by the user, in this case you have three options:

  1. Accept the default application of Payments which applied to the oldest outstanding invoices – which is the only objective way Manager could apply payments absent any user input as in your case here.
  2. Go back to your payment and apply your payment to any specific invoice(s).
  3. In case this is a payment for something else like an advance then you should follow this guide: Avoid automatic credit allocations with special accounts | Manager – this is a guide on Customer Receipts but the same applies for Supplier Payments.

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