Wrong status of invoice

Hi manager colleague
i am using the latest version 17.11.22 and facing invoice closing issue in newer version as system is not closing oldest invoice it is only settling the current invoice and showing overpaid. for example if the customer have remaining payment Rs3000 but he paid 1000 thousands and latest invoice is 500 it will close the latest and show Rs 2500 overpaid below example are uploaded

Below is the receivable report of the customer which showes balance due is 30865.04

you had missed few updates i believe. there was a change regarding credit allocations.
read the topic below

thanks lobs but in cash transaction how can we know which invoice is already paid and which is not paid and also in cash transaction only invoice number apears invoice amount is not visible. considering new change cash transaction TAB than should be blocked and invoice payment should only be received through sales invoice TAB i don’t know amni right or wrong

cash transactions are also used for making direct sales without creating invoices. this depends on the business.

if you want to receive payments for a particular invoice better view the invoice and receive payment for it.
if you do not want to allocate payment to any particular invoice then leave the invoice column blank when receiving payment and let Manager allocate the payments automatically.

Invoice status should be monitored in the Sales Invoices tab, not the Cash Transactions tab.

dears but by changing this old invoices which were already closed now showing overpaid

by the way this change is very appreciated and solve lots of our issues thanks