Bugs on payment of purchase invoice

There seems to be an error when I will make a payment for the Purchase Invoice.

When making a payment the debt account that appears is a Sales Invoice, even though the invoice number is the same as the Purchase Invoice.

Maybe this could be a suggestion to correct

Please provide more information.

  1. How did you get to this payment entry screen? Did you click on the New Payment button while viewing a purchase invoice? Or did you create it from scratch?

  2. Please post a screen shot of the Edit screen for the purchase invoice you are paying.

  3. Also post a screen shot of the Edit screen for Faktur Penjualan #333.

  1. Yes I click the New Payment button when viewing a purchase invoice.

  2. This is a screenshot when paying a purchase invoice.

  3. This is a screenshot of purchase invoice # 333 (not a sales invoice)

The trouble seems to be a translation error. Your payment form clearly matches the supplier, invoice number, and payable amount of purchase invoice (faktur pembelian) #333. But the invoice selection field is labeled as a sales invoice (faktur penjualan).

Switch your language preference to English temporarily. See if the problem goes away, with the payment form showing sales invoice #333. If so, I will put this into the bugs category as a translation error.

Yes you are very right,

after I replaced it with English, there appeared “invoice”,

which after I check there is an error in translating Indonesian,

Thank you for discussing,
Monday I will help check the translate one by one and I will complete it so that this case does not happen again.

Best Regards

@yhoga, I see you are on the translation team, so I will not put this into the bugs category.