The profit and loss statement is not correct for inventory

The profit and loss statement is not correct for inventory. When I checked for one day, the cost of goods was higher than the sales. However, when checking the inventory profit margin for one day, it appeared to be correct.

On a specific day, such as 10/02/2024, if you click on the inventory cost date shown correct, it shows the correct items for that day and older item item . However, if you check the invoices, it displays older invoices.

on inventory cost click then show this pages

With this much information its hard to say. Btw are you using cash basis or accrual basis accounting?

Also, please copy the full screen - only showing part of the screen hides information that is useful, and maybe critical, to help understand the issue

You need to show all screens that illustrate your pronlem. With the limited screens you have shown, we can only guess at the problem


Got it. Let’s first go to the summary and select the date 10/02/2024. After that, we’ll click on “inventory cost” and proceed from there. If you encounter any issues or need further assistance, feel free to let me know.

This picture u posted still doesn’t help in understanding the issue.
Just go to inventory profit margin and click on profit of each Item. It will show Sales, Cost of sales , Profit and % margin. From there compare The sales and cost of sales of your summary. Do check dates for both the profit margin and summary.

For a start, there is no date selection on the Summary page. You can edit the Summary page to show the values for a period but I don’t know if that’s what you mean

It looks like you clicked on the Inventory Cost value on the Summary page and then entered 10/02/2024 in the selection box

All that does is select the entries for that date - how does that help to understand your issue ?

There may be an issue with the dates being reflected in the selection. It’s important to make sure that the correct dates are being applied to the sales invoices to accurately represent the costs and sales. It’s possible that the incorrect dates are affecting the overall figures and causing the anomalies you are seeing. I would recommend reviewing the dates and ensuring that they are correctly aligned with the transactions to accurately reflect the costs and sales.

sales invoice 3296 - 22/02/2023
sales invoice 3303 - 23/02/2023
sales invoice 3325- 26/02/2023

did you check ?

its bugs @lubos …can i share my database …you check and plz fix this issue