Wrong date import bank statements

I’m trying out Manager and it looks great. But after importing a bank statement (MT940) i noticed that Manager uses the value date instead of the entry date (MT940 Tag 61 – Statement Line (http://www.sepaforcorporates.com/swift-for-corporates/account-statement-mt940-file-format-overview/)). This is (in my case) the wrong date. Can this be changed?

After you download your statement, make corrections in a spreadsheet before importing it to Manager.

Yes i can do that (and i did) but that’s not necessary if Manager uses the entry-date (MT940-61 or Last Statement Date MT940-60) and not the value-date according to the MT940-61 format. Now you’ve to check every bank statement line if it’s correct that can’t be the intention of Manager. Is it possible to correct this in Manager?

Can you email me your bank statement in MT940 format to lubos@manager.io ? I will try to reproduce the issue first.