Bug in importing bankstatements

Hello,These last few days I am encountering a bug regarding importing bankstatements with MT940.

It seems the “.” or “,” are not imported correct. If I import a transaction with the amount of -2.716,08 euro, it imports it in Manager.io as -271.608,00

It is not happening with every transaction amount,but it seems sort of random. I now need to manually check all the imported amounts…

All number formats other than 000,000,000.00 seem to have disappeared from preferences.

I don’t know for sure but I think it’s a temporary thing since the number format menu still appears under preferences.

@AA236 could you please send me MT940 file you are importing to lubos@manager.io ? I will try to reproduce the issue.

Hi Lubos, I have sent it to you yesterday

Could you let me know when this issue has been resolved? I see now that in the desktop version this issue does not exists

@AA236, have you tried importing a bank statement after restarting your cloud server? (See https://forum.manager.io/t/only-one-number-format-showing-in-cloud-edition/31159/5.)

Yes I have, but it did not solve the bankstatement import issue

This has been in the big list for a while:

@AA236 the issue should be fixed in the latest version (20.10.26).

Thanks, it works now again!