Word processor for auditors

I am really enjoying the software, i am just missing a word processor or notepad field,. In the folders menu, it will be useful for auditors for writing like what they have reconciled till date and what next to be done.
Its only for administrators

You can add custom fields almost everywhere. Why not using them?

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Good idea, but such custom field will be linked to a particular invoice,customer or voucher,
For audit purpose i need just one page where i can write how much i have completed the audit work and whats in my next check list, a simple word program or excel we use for that, it would be beneficial if a single page for admin task list is there

attach a word processor document to you bill or similar entry

Put it in business details. It’s unique for the whole company

Wel i found a way, adding custom field for paragraph text in folders menu,
Her i can write what i have found and attached my excel or notes,
But can you please make the field a bigger one like a paper doc field size.

Use Paragraph Text / Large

The developer long ago made the decision to avoid software bloat and not clutter the program with capabilities like word processing, customer relationship management, charting graphics, and industry-specific cost estimating tools. Manager’s focus is on accounting. Note-taking is easily accomplished with widely available software that you no doubt already have.

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