Customer Note Module

This is may be unrelated to the accounting, but with the power and ability of the Manager, I would like to suggest a simple module for Customer Note.

We have been dealing with a lot of paper works, collected over the years, in relation to our customers requesting discounts, instalment plans, delay payments and so on. And some of these, the same customer were repeating their requests, and we have to piling up the papers. When we have to search for the records, it is a tedious amount of time afford to look for it.

I have been wondering, since we have been using the Manager daily, wouldn’t it be great to have a “note taking” capability for every request by the customers. A simple one will do preferably with Date, Customer Name, one line Description, and Note. Search capability should be added as well. Maybe some custom fields provided.

This is to say, when I received the any kind of requests from the customers, I will enter them to the Manager. When I need to search them in the future, all the records are secure and can be reviewed in one single place.

Hope to see this module available in the Manager. Thank you for listening.

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You can already achieve this with the “folders” module. You can save there all your custom fields and even the attachments.

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The Folder is just for attachment from my viewpoint. It does not actually provide a place to enter or link to the customer names, taking note and dated them.

If Folder is the way to go, then I would also suggest to add the additional as described above, it would make the Folder a much useful tool.

You can add everything you want with custom fields. Check it

Thanks Davide.

I tried out the custom fields on the Folders… only the name is unable to link to the Customer list.

Yes… custom fields right now cannot be linked to anything. I request this possibility to @Lubos without success. It would be great to have them autopopulated; ie a suggestion of compilation of a text field, like the payee field, not a direct llinked field, would be great.

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We have created some custom fields under the Customer screen, the setup / detail entry screen. These fields make it easy for us to lookup key customer data, requests and history relevant to the product or people they engage with. We have this detail on screen only.

I think this suggestion makes sense. If you want to record event on customer which is not an invoice, order, quote, billable time or credit note, there is really no place to do this.


The fact that Customers Tab now has a view option has made work so much easier now … Thank you, Thank you… We can not only see our custom data for each customer but make phone calls and if systems are in place video calls directly from the customer screen in Manager.

It also seems this idea is no longer necessary, @lubos. A custom field allowing notes could be added to the customer. And the various papers the original requestor referred to could be added as attachments.

I have removed this topic from ideas.