Withholding tax as column in Invoices list

Note: This is a feature request for both Sales invoice & Purchase invoice list.

With the new way of editing columns for each list, I believe that adding the “Withholding tax” column would be of great value.
Currently we do it by creating a custom field at the invoice level, copying the withholding tax amount to it, and then enabling that custom field column in the list.

Why is the withholding tax column helpful?

  1. Currently, the invoice amount shown in the list is the Final Amount - Withholding amount. To get the correct understanding of the invoice, we need to go to the details page. The list page should ideally be able to provide a complete summary of the amount.
  2. It makes it easier to export all the relevant data from the list view by using the “Copy to clipboard” feature. Currently, I have solved this by creating a custom report.

Added to the latest version (23.3.31)