Width of certain fields

This is the Sales invoice screen. Two small remarks.

The due date field (Net/By) is 60px in width, which is just enough for one character and elipses when the translation is more than 3 characters. For me (Dutch → Netto/Door) 65px would suffice.

The inventory item field next to the account. When it is first displayed, it is barely visible, which makes searching for an item very difficult. A min-width style addition of 100px or so would solve problem.
EXTRA: For this to happen an item must be choosen, in my case SUP.

Picture below shows result.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks. I’ve increased the size of the first field to 65px. Regarding inventory field, it’s a bit more complicated. I will definitely do something about this.

Thank you very much!

Some additional info on inventory field width.

If I click the “x” to clear inventory field, it automatically expands to right size.

Thanks @lubos,

Just checked this with version 15.7.31 and it seems resolved.