Item width on sales invoice entry

Is there a way to make the Item field wider on the sales invoice? Really on all the sections (quotes, invoices, etc). Seems like a very common thing people would want to do but when creating an invoice I have to search for the item I’m invoicing and it gives me about an inch of width so you have to do quite a bit of scrolling and words are all bunched up.

Hello @phelpsit,

The space is automatically allocated based on the screen size that you have, so unfortunately it’s either that or the lines will extend horizontally beyond the screen boundaries.

In any case, the field will automatically resize to fit the item once an item is selected.

And if you worry about the display density of the dropdown menu, that shouldn’t be a problem too since you can type search instead of scrolling down the menu – it’s much faster and avoids this issue altogether.

But someone using the software isn’t going to know exactly which items are in the system so often times people need to scroll down the list to see which selection is best. I can narrow down the search by typing “phone” but then I want to scroll through the results to see which one I’m actually wanting to put on the invoice. Am I really the only one to have had this issue before?

I’m not saying that it is not a problem, I’m just saying that this is just a trade-off and whether the user likes it or not is a matter of preference.

Some users get really annoyed when they have to scroll horizontally and others don’t like the narrow width of the fields and Manager tries to walk a fine line between these two extremes, so there’s hopefully not too narrow of a field and also, not too much horizontal scrolling. :slightly_smiling_face:

How would you suggest going about solving this issue?

You could use a dummy item of the desired length.
Make sure the user sees this dummy item first by starting this item with an underscore.
For example, “_this item needs to be deleted before saving invoice.”.
Add a new item line, now the item field has the desired length.
Delete the first (dummy) item line before saving the invoice.
Not a wonderful solution, but it works.