Create Sales invoice screen size bug?

Really enjoying the desktop version.

I have 1200x800 resolution on my laptop that is the last setting I can select.

Every screen is nicely presented Manager 15.3.59 and auto resized however I have found that when you create a sales invoice it does not auto resize. May be this one got away.

This is not a bug, @cometomama. The sales invoice entry screen requires a lot of information to be input. To be useful, several of the fields have minimum widths so you see enough of the contents that the line is comprehensible. The only way to regulate the input screen to be fully visible would be wrap individual entry lines, which would make them totally chaotic. So the entry screen displays at its necessary width and you may need to scroll right and left to see it all. The reason most other screens don’t behave this way is that they don’t contain so much information.

By the way, your version of Manager is quite far out of date. I recommend you update it.

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Yeah, there are just way too many columns.

One way I plan to relieve the pain a bit is to allow Qty, Unit price and Discount columns optionally hidden.

Also, if you don’t create any Sales Invoice Items under Settings tab, Item column will be hidden too.

I might make Description column a bit more flexible so it takes less horizontal space on smaller screens.

But this is not something I’m working on now. I agree it is a bit annoying on smaller screens but there are still more important issues I need to address with the program first.

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