All Transactions Report

Is there any way to have a report showing all transactions entered during a specific period of time ? General Ledger Transactions report doesn’t satisfy my need.

(A report showing the type of each transaction, number of transaction, date, accounts name & number, Dr. & Cr. amounts, …)

You could try writing a custom report

What would you use this report for?

There may an existing report that meets your needs

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Your request is very confusing in that the General Ledger Transactions report is “showing all transactions entered during a specific period of time”. It provides the transaction data, the account, the description and Dr. & Cr. amounts but you conclude:

So maybe you show us an example of what report you expect.

There is a big difference between a ledger wise report and a transaction wise report.

That looks like a report from a different accounting software package

There is not a lot of point in trying to duplicate reports from one accounting package to all other accounting packages.

Your best way forward is to adjust your way of working to Manager and not to adjust Manager to your previous accounting package. This will never give satisfactory results.

If the format of the report is so important, then stick with the old accounting software

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