Being able to see transaction dated after today easily

This is the message I am getting on the occasions I should on home page.

This summary is set to show balance sheet as at 19/4/2016 and profit and loss statement for the period from 1/1/2016 to 19/4/2016.
There are 14 transactions dated after 19/4/2016 therefore they are not accounted for in this view.

I would really like to click on that “14” or another quick way and check the transactions in questions for cases like mistakes.


Temporarily change the Set Period.

I am curious why you have all these future transactions. I also caution you that despite being excluded from the Summary, such transactions can effect some reports in unexpected ways. At least that has happened to me in the past.

Changing the Set Period will make the message go away but that hasn’t help solve their question “check the transactions in questions for cases like mistakes”.

Firstly, there aren’t 14 transactions as such, but 14 account entries. E.g. if you do a post dated Journal with a single debit and single credit entry, that will show up in the message as “2 transactions”.

The only way to see those transactions is to click on the tabs that create source transactions (Sales Invoices, Purchase Invoices, Journals etc.) and see if any dates are in red, if yes, then those transactions are dated in advance of today. With Bank/Cash tabs you need to go the individual bank/cash account.

My message reads 56, as I have pre-posted all the year’s recurring Journals.

Totally agree with @Brucanna

You are correct, @Brucanna. I was merely suggesting one way to make the transactions quickly visible. Your approach has the advantage that you do not have to reset the reporting period when done. The reason I asked @Giorgos_Arnakis why he had the future transactions was to understand his purpose. It was not clear whether he was following a deliberate scheme of pre-entering journals, as you mentioned, or thought these transactions might be mistakes.

Whatever the situation is, my larger concern was to draw attention to what those transactions might do to reports. Many users set up reports for a complete accounting period at the beginning, rather than constantly changing the end date. So the P&L might be set up for January 1st through December 31st. The figures will be correct all year, with only the heading being slightly off on dates. But that won’t really matter unless you are preparing reports for outside distribution. Yet those pre-entered journals will show up, distorting your current position. Obviously, you can get around this by changing the end date.

The profit & Loss and Balance sheet are also called Statement of Financial Performance and Statement of Financial Position.
As the names imply, the statements are designed to reflect performance (for a given period) and positions (on a particular date). That’s exactly what Manager does in showing the Dashboard (home page). If you would like to include transactions up to a future date, you will have to tell Manager (change the set period).

@Tuts2013 I am receiving the above mentioned message on the summary page except in accrual basis it reads 12, if I switch to cash basis it shows 51 transactions dated after today.

Message goes away if I set the period to a month in advance, but I want it to reflect accurately…

I have gone and clicked through on every amount in blue on the summary yet no dates are showing up in red to indicate the problem. I’ve also tried locating the errors via the tabs on the left but found nothing dated after today.

No dates should be post dated as I am entering the entire 2015-2016 tax year.

@michelle, did you drill down on each cash account balance in the Cash Accounts tab? You won’t see the red dates for things in that tab unless you do, because no dates show otherwise.

Oh my! Thank you!!! I had thought I had been through everything but there it is! Error messages are gone with the set period date set back to today. You have saved me from feeling like im going insane and getting no where! THANK YOU!