How to view newly created report

I am using manager in window xp, when I am trying to creat report then report is not creating.

Nearly I have tried all option present in report menu but it has not, pls. Help me.

When you say report is not creating, what do you see instead? An error?

Error dosnt appear, when I am clicking option creat then it dosnt show any action.

When you click Create, the report does not appear. Instead, it is added to the list of available reports. You must click the View button beside the report to see the report itself.

Sir, I have checked it those report earlier I have created which are editable, but now I am unable while I am trying for customer statement it shows Next option but after report is not generating.

Second thing after updating software it is working like last version (i.e. purchase invoice no. still not coming automatically).

The default option is for Unpaid Invoices. If there are none, you cannot create a new customer statement. When creating a new report, you also have the option of selecting Transaction, which brings up a date range to enter. Then you should be able to select the customer.

That is by design. Purchase invoices are the way you enter a supplier’s sales invoice to you. Normal practice is to label them with the supplier’s number, not your, because the supplier is the source of the transaction.

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