Why there is no a downloadable pdf guide so i can read it offline?

I’m very new to manager and i really love it, but why there is not a pdf guide so i can read offline?

I agree a PDF would be very helpful, or even if the Guides were searchable (as opposed to just searching on the current page.

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The Guides change frequently. The developer simply decided there was going to be only one documentation support scheme. So it is what it is. Since you are a new user, you might not yet be aware of how rapidly the program advances. Effort has been focused on adding capability rather than adding documentation.

Still having a pdf guide will be super helpful, and it’s just a pdf that can be updated very easily.

There could be offline PDF guide at some point. After all, it could be automatically generated.

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It’s now possible to download guides as PDF book for offline viewing.


Is this supposed to auto update?
If I download it, the title shows June 08, 2019 not 10/07/2019.
Is this normal or is there a cache issue or pdf file regeneration issue?

Something is wrong. The PDF book is supposed to update once per day if there are any changes. I will notify @lubos.