Have an odd question about the guides

Is there a printable version of all the guides?

No. And they are updated frequently. You would just need to print the web pages.

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You could print from the webpage or print it to a pdf file but the formatting will not be good.

Why would you want a printed copy?

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A couple of my clients are not always on line. I have started to print to PDF and then edit in soda but it is taking a long time Ha Ha .
I wasn’t holding my breath that the answer was yes but thought I would try if you dont ask you dont know…
I do, do a basic training session for about 4 hours or on as needed basis. I am no expert I sometime need to refer to the guides and it would help if I had them in print for quick reference while I am out teaching.

Realistically, the program advances too rapidly to rely on a printed version. A typical month sees about 10 new or updated Guides. February saw 24. Also, you can get the Guides on a mobile device.

Is there any way to know when a Guide has been updated?

Not looking for notification but an indication of the published date would do

Thats true good point :rofl: Tut

Not currently. Guides used to be viewable on the forum as a category, so you could see the last activity date. But now, they are now visible to the public only on the web site. In general, they are updated within a day or so of program changes, often within hours. Occasionally, a major program change affects graphics and details of procedures on so many Guides it takes a few days longer.

It would be nice to have a PDF though.

  1. I have vision issues and it’s very hard for me to do a lot of reading while pushed up against a monitor to see the type.
  2. Also, I’m just getting started with the software and it’s been rather difficult for me to ‘page’ back and forth through the web pages to try and make sense of some of the ‘flows’ I need to be using to enter and setup data.
  3. I amusing the program on a desktop PC and will probably use the server edition once I’m set up. The Guides on the website have no dates associated so I can’t tell if something has been recently updated or changed. The program itself doesn’t seem to have this info either . How would I be able to trace the updates and changes?!

Just an Idea if you hold the ctrl key and scroll your mouse wheel the page will zoom in and out

In general, Guides are always updated within 24 to 48 hours of a feature change or addition. Occasionally, it takes longer. For example, within 3 days of the recent overhaul of the entire starting balance scheme, all Guides affected by it (more than 20) were up to date. And seldom will any lag make it difficult to understand how a process works. (The basic operational principles of Manager have been set for years.) So, with rare exception, you can regard the Guides as always being current. This is a much better performance standard than I think you’ll find on other software you use.

Changes noticeable by users are documented here: Releases | Manager.

The program version is visible on every screen. Read this Guide: Manager Cloud.