Offline Product guide

Hi team, first of all thanks for the great product and the best support for the product which is far better than any paid product.
I would like to suggest that is it possible for you to create one complete product guide in pdf form. It took 3 days for me toto download the setup file which is just 11mb in size. Still on earth there are few places where no proper internet is available, one place is Andaman islands, India. It will b great help to refer product offline.

Your suggestion is good.

But the problem is that Manager is updated frequently and new features and changes are made along with it. So the guides may or may not change. If you had an offline guide, it may not be relevant to the changes made in an update. The basic guides may remain the same.

The only option at present would be to save each guide as a HTML only copy to your computer.

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Thanks for the quick response, but a basic outline for each modules will b helpful. As product has many features and simple outline may ease to understand the complete product. I was trying to figure out how each part works and connect seperately so thought came into mind. Anyhow product is very organised and really appreciable the hardwork and effort made to create this product… well done and cheers… :innocent: