Where is the customer bill file is store once you create it

My computer crash But the Hard drive still works I remove it and got a hard drive reader

I am look for location on my computer for my manager file that has all of my Customer bills
I would like to transfer the file to my new computer … I did not do the cloud yet I really wish i had done that :slight_smile: if it ok here is my johpyr@gmail.com email me if you know where it is



All your data is in an application data folder. Depending on your operating system, this folder could normally be hidden. If you did not change it, it will be in the default location. And that location will have the same file path as the installation on your new computer (assuming your new computer has the same operating system). Read this Guide for information: https://www.manager.io/guides/8394.

So set up your salvaged drive so it is accessible from the new computer. Restore the old data by navigating to the old drive. Read this Guide: https://www.manager.io/guides/8890.

Learn a lesson. Always, always, always make frequent backups on a separate drive. All computer drives, whether hard drive or solid state, will eventually fail. You don’t need to use the cloud edition to make backups.