How is data saved

On Mac OS where is data stored and how is it saved.

Does Manager auto-save?

Click About Manager when in the program to see where is your application data folder. That’s where all data is stored.

Yes, Manager auto-saves.

@lubos is there a way to retrieve this autosave to use on a new computer / install?
My last actual backup was 3 months ago which is better than nothing but recently my motherboard kicked the bucket & the quickest way to get back to work & keep the workflow going was to purchase a new computer & use the old hard drive. This has worked a dream up until it has come time to start invoicing for the completed work & run into dramas.
3 months worth of customer data, invoices & quotes are obviously not backed up but i’m wondering if i can somehow dig out the autosave file & use that?

So far i’ve attempted:

  • Copy the “old” hidden local appdata file into the new & open from there - No luck
  • Restore the actual 3 month old backup then rename the “old” hidden local appdata file to match the new one - No luck

This should work. What files/folders do you see into your old data folder?