Where is Customer 'Business Identifier'?

Business Identifier field appears only in ‘Edit Customer’ form. It does not appear in the customer grid, it is not available in Custom reports and does not appear in exported data.
This is a very important field, and must be available, selectable and searchable EVERYWHERE.

Shouting doesn’t help

But what about the actual issue? Is it a bug to be fixed?
Maybe I am doing something wrong.

No, it is not a bug. The program simply does not use the data. It was originally put into the customer form to provide a place to store reference information. The real question is why this was not automatically converted to a custom field, along with other unused information such as telephone numbers, years ago.

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Hello @Tut
We are talking about the VAT ID, yes? If this is the case, it’s everything but unused information. It’s used in the invoice (required), for the transactions with the tax agency (required), in reporting etc.
If this is not VAT ID, then there must exist one. At least in EU. Every business or physical person in European Union has one.

To be precise, we are talking about the field named Business Identifier on the customer entry form. One possible use for that field is to enter VAT registration numbers. But, you might also include other types of identification. My statement in saying the program does not use the data meant only what it said. That is, Manager does not use it. It does not appear on any transaction forms or in any reports. It is, therefore, what has been referred to as “non-essential information.” But, that means non-essential to program functions, not non-essential to you.

Long ago, most non-essential data from early versions of the program was migrated automatically to custom fields to reduce screen clutter for users who did not make use of a particular field.

Now, you may have many uses for your customers’ VAT ID’s. If so, I suggest you create a custom field for customers. Then, its contents can appear on sales invoices, in custom themes, could be searched for in some built-in reports, and be used in custom reports.

OK @Tut
I’ll do that