Business Identifier in Customers and Suppliers

Is there some reason why only customers have a business identifier (place to put VAT reg number in). I need to have this field in the suppliers form as knowing whether the company is VAT registered is important to ensure that I dont pay VAT when not required. I can see no scenario where I would want to know whether my customers are VAT registered however if other people need to know that, can we just add a field to the suppliers form to put in their VAT reg details.

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The only reason is that when you are issuing invoice to customer, you might need to mention business identifier too.

For suppliers this is non-issue because you are not issuing any invoices to them. They are issuing them to you.

And the information whether you can claim VAT or not should be present on their invoices to you. You don’t have to do any research trying to figure out whether they are registered for VAT or not. What really matters is whether they are actually charging you VAT. If they do, it will be stated on their invoice/receipt.

However, if you really want to capture extra information about suppliers, you can use Custom Fields module under Settings tab to create some new fields.

I will add a custom field. But you misunderstood what I meant. Here in the UK, if you ever get audited, you need to have the suppliers VAT registration numbers to prove that they are indeed allowed to charge VAT. Its to do with VAT fraud. You don’t need to have this information for general practice, but if you ever get audited in the UK, you will want that information. It just makes sense for me to add it at the time of adding the supplier using the same field as what you have for the customer.

Fair enough. I would still handle it using custom fields.