Where is "Copy to new recurring invoice"?

After updating to Manager 16.12.11,
I couldn’t find the “Copy to new recurring invoice” option.

In another business it shows “Copy to new purchase invoice”

Anybody knows anything?

Recurring sales invoices are set up under Settings.

Is this a question? Have you read this guide:

As illustrated in the screen shots - under Sales Invoice the Copy to button which existed prior to 16.12.11, doesn’t exist in 16.12.11 and possibly later.

Therefore this “Copy to” function has been deleted from Sales Invoice so the ability to create a Purchase Invoice from the Sales Invoice has been lost or as the guide states - allowing one transaction to be converted directly to another in a workflow, saves time and prevents mistakes.

@Abu_Hasan - to create a copy of a Sales Invoice you should be using the Clone button, however you can’t use Clone to create a new recurring invoice, they can only be created under Settings.

PS: or should your topic heading be “Where is ‘Copy to new purchase invoice’?”

This is not correct. The Copy to... button has not been removed. But, as explained in the guide to which I linked, it only includes options for tabs that have been enabled. And if none of the tabs for which Copy to... is an option have been enabled, the Copy to... button itself does not appear.

@Abu_Hasan, you referred to “another business,” which suggests you have more than one business set up. The tabs enabled in each business are unique to that business. So it is perfectly normal that Copy to... options (or availability) in one business will not match those in another.

I assure you, the basic capability is still there. Here is a screen shot from a test business in v16.12.15:

I understand the discussion.
I understand that, “Copy to new recurring (sales) invoice” is no longer available.

We are Internet Service Provider. When we connect a customer-

  1. We create a sales invoice with installation charge
  2. Then Copy to new recurring (sales) invoice and change date
  3. Remove the line with installation charge
  4. Create

It’s easy, time-saving and helps us to not forgetting to make recurring sales invoice.
And in the guides, it’s mentioned:

Copying forms:

  • Saves time
  • Prevents mistakes

But if the option is not available,

  • I have to go under settings every time
  • And there is a chance to forget

So, I would like to draw developer’s attention to bring it back.

Ok - now I understand, under the “Copy to” button the option to select “New Recurring Invoice” is now missing from the dialog drop down menu - correct

How old was the version that you updated from as that option is not listed in the table in the Guide

Yes, that’s correct.
The old version (server edition) was installed on 2nd-4th October 2016.

@Abu_Hasan, you are correct that elimination of the option for recurring sales invoices was a fairly recent change. It was present when I wrote the guide referred to above on October 2. When I updated the guide to include goods receipts on November 27, it was no longer available. I do not know exactly when it disappeared. Nor do I know why. That is something @lubos will have to answer.

The option wasn’t meant to be removed. It’s fixed in the latest version (16.12.22).

That’s fixed. But now the ability to copy a sales invoice to a sales quote has disappeared. This was added so you could create a quote when a customer wants to buy “the same thing as last time.”

I am adding the recurring sales invoice back to the table in the Guide on the Copy to… function. I will leave the sales invoice to sales quote option in there for now, @lubos, on the assumption you will add it back.

It also strikes me that you should be able to copy a purchase invoice to a debit note…you buy something, the supplier invoices you, but you need to return something and get a credit note from the supplier.

This would happen at the same time when ability to copy to recurring invoices became unavailable. Fixed in the latest version (16.12.23).

Thank you all for fixing the problem.
Love this software.
Love this community.