Where's my company file?

The SSD on my MacBook failed last week and has been replaced by Apple. I’ve restored everything from Time Machine, including the desktop version of Manager and all my mail, applications etc.

What I can’t find is my company file containing LOTS of data going back to June 2017.

Help! All replies gratefully received.

Thanks in advance.

If your entire drive was restored from Time Machine, your business should show on the Businesses page and open as normal. If it doesn’t, your drive was not fully restored, because the Manager application after restoration will look in the same place as it did before the failure.

Manager data files are hidden. To make them visible, in Finder, hit Command + Shift + . (period). Or, look on your Manager Preferences page and copy that data path to the application data folder. Paste it into the search field in the Go to Folder… command under Go in the Finder.

You can restore the business from a backup. (Hopefully you make them regularly and keep them somewhere besides your main drive.) Or you can restore it from the application data folder itself. But you need to know which hexadecimal string is your business. To determine that, double-click to open them directly. After you determine which is which, you will have to close them all. Then open Manager normally and restore the business. Read more information in these Guides:

Thanks Tut for the help. The problem is that when I load Manager from the taskbar there are no menu options available - only Close from the File menu.

The Mac was backed up daily to Time Machine and Carbon Copy Cloner but nothing’s visible.


I downloaded the program again from the website, deleted the old alias from the taskbar and bingo - there’s all my data.

Thanks again for your help - much appreciated!

You would not have needed to download and reinstall. Deleting the Dock alias would have solved the problem. At least you are sorted.