Where can i download old version of manager.io

I need an old version of manager.io, because I just installed the new version and my backup is not in .manager extension.

Your backup or Your data? It does sounds like you didn’t do a backup.

This is the old version that I have before Lubos improving the user interface.

@acecombat2, it is not recommended for anyone to download versions of Manager from anywhere except the developer’s web site. I have deleted your link.

@Rohit, have you read and followed this Guide: https://www.manager.io/guides/best-practices/data-backup-restoration-and-transfer. Backup files are not visible upon launching. You must browse to them and open them using the Open… button. After that, they will show in the Recent list on the home page.

I am also not sure what you mean by “my back is not in .manager extension.” There are no extensions to Manager.

He meant by .manager for example Yourbisinessbackupfilename.manager (I suspect he did not backup)

and fine~~~ I don’t have the capability to temper the installer. And Doesn’t seem lubos separate between ‘early release’ and ‘stable release’ in download sections.

If your backup has .dat extension, then you need to send the backup file to Lubos for conversion to .manager

Yes, @Rohit. I thought you meant your backup file was not appearing in some extension of the application (like some browsers have helper apps). If indeed you mean your backup file has an extension other than *.manager, you have been using a version so old only @lubos can convert it. But your data will not be lost.

Let us know the exact situation, including what version you were using, if you know, so we can get you help.