When language translation will update in software

I Have Translated Some Segments In Urdu Language And I Want To Know When These Translated Segments Will Reflect In Manager Software

Translations are automatically merged with every new version released. There is usually at least one version released each day.

Thanks For Your Reply,As You Say Translations Are Automatically Merged With Every New Version , But I downloaded New version latest 15.1.33, Translation Is Not Updated …

+1… french

I have noticed translations haven’t been in fact merged automatically for a few days. It’s fixed now.

Yes , You Are Right And Now Translation Is Merged In new Version, Thanks

i want to translate some words, is it possible?
or i want to help creators to translate manager in to urdu language. is there any way to do this…?

Yes. Go to: https://webtranslateit.com/en/projects/2694-Manager. Translations are there.

See the link at the bottom of this page: https://www.manager.io/translations/.