Are any segments missing from the Greek translation?

I am searching for the “employees” & “payslips” segments for translation and i can’t find them. The report says 100% translated but these are not in there. Since they are top menu items i believe its important.

Also there are 2-3 new translations that didn’t updated automatically with new version (they where supposed to, didn’t they?)

What’s really happening is that when I add new English terms to Manager, I’m reluctant to add them to WebTranslateIt right away in case there will be changes. Now that is not the case for “Employees” or “Payslips” but there are many other terms that are not so straight-forward. Often new report will get one name, only a few days later to be renamed because it is discovered better name is more appropriate.

I’m still trying to figure out what would be the best way to handle this. I think I will settle with approach when Manager will be always synced with WebTranslateIt on daily basis but new terms will be added only once a month.

Same problem continues in turkish language. New features are missing in webTranslatelt.