The arabic language UI

Hi everyone
For arabic UI translators
There is some issues about the right to left presentation
It needs to be fixed
This issue appears in reports, summary…
especially where the line contains a dates with a text
Thanks a lot

You should search the forum. There have been several discussions of this subject. If you have a specific example of an error, illustrate it with screen shots.

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You need to be more specific. Showing screenshots would help.

However, Manager currently doesn’t support right-to-left layout properly. In future, Arabic UI should be right-to-left but it could take another year to get there. It’s complex.

You See above that the expression between dates is inverted

I think that the solution is to write it in this way

I don’t see it inverted when testing myself (or am I looking at this after you have fixed the translation)?

Does it look correct now?

Great i will download it again
Because i had a notification said that it will take 24h to apply the changes

Thanks @lubos

Is there a way to download the translation and merge it into Manager?

You do not download translations. You just select your preference.

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