What is the new process to change Manager data Location

Ubuntu Server Edition, I am introducing a new high performance data storage system to host the Manager data. I had a quick look and it appears that the process to change the Manager data location has been superseded by some other method now.
Could someone point me in the correct direction please?

  • Current Data location is the default ~/.local/share/Manager/
  • The About Manager option to change path no longer exists
  • the /etc/rc.local file no longer exists
  • Not sure if the mono instruction is still valid

I do not want to break anything.

This has been always the same on server edition.

There is -path switch you can use to specify where application data folder location should be when ManagerServer.exe is started.

Yep there appear to have been some changes but on the Ubuntu server side. Using Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS. This is what I have done and it may help some other crew with Manager data relocation plans: