Ubuntu Server Edition - Moving Manager Data to NAS

Hi, we wish to relocate the Ubuntu Manager Server Edition data to a NAS. Currently the data is located on the Manager server under /root/.local/share/Manager and is fully functional.

I have setup and mounted the NAS which is visible now to the operational Manager Server.

Please , how do I relocate the Manager data and tell Manager to use the new data location on the NAS?

Can’t you relocate the Manager data - like moving any other file.
To tell Manager - go to About Manager and set the path

That’s on desktop edition only. On server edition, you need to use -path switch when launching Manager Server to tell Manager where to look for data.

In what file do we specify the path switch on the Ubuntu Server?

When you are launching ManagerServer, you use command such as:

mono /usr/share/manager-server/ManagerServer.exe

In order to change default path, you need to launch server with -path switch such as:

mono /usr/share/manager-server/ManagerServer.exe -path "/new/path"

OK I see it is under /etc/rc.local

OK accomplished. Manager shows the Application Data path OK however all the users are not transferred, I am also prompted to enter the product key and register again.

An import of the backed up companies restores the companies OK to the new location but without the associated users. Is this expected? I could probably work around and recreate the users and associate again with the individual companies imported.

I was hoping the data relocation would preserve all this detail?

Just so there is no further downtime I have taken the path switch out in the /etc/rc.local file.

/usr/bin/mono /home/administrator/ManagerServer.exe -path /media/network/nas/manager -port 81 >>/dev/null 2>&1 &

It now reads

/usr/bin/mono /home/administrator/ManagerServer.exe -port 81 >>/dev/null 2>&1 &

System back to normal, including all the users… but data not live on the NAS. Therefore back to the question, “how do I relocate the Manager data and tell Manager to use the new data location on the NAS”?

Did you actually relocate your data? It doesn’t look like you did. You just changed the path where Manager should look for data.

Yes the data was relocated / copied across. System rebooted as well.

Below is the list of the data on the NAS as viewed by the Manager server

Was there something else that I needed to copy across?

That’s strange. If you have copied all *.manager files to new location and launched the server to read data from new location, it should work.

Maybe you have launched the server which created default 00000000-0000-0000-0000-00000000.manager file and then copied files across without overriding default file which actually contains pointers to all other businesses and users.

Empty the /media/network/nas/manager folder, copy data across again and launch the server again in new location.

Oh man… so simple all I can think of is that something on the first copy attempt went wrong … This time I used command line to transfer the data. Lubos coming to think about it I might have attempted in my excitement to launch Manager before the data was copied across.

Here are the steps I took and the issue is now fully resolved.

  1. Deleted previous data on NAS

  1. Modified rc.local by putting in the path switch to the NAS back in.

  1. Rebooted the Server

  1. Logon to Manager and system happy.

Next I will confirm the update process but do not expect any issues. Many thanks Lubos!

  1. Upgrade perfect - Cheers thanks for the assistance guys…