Linux - Server Database location

Hey guys,

Where is the database stored with the server edition on Linux? I am wanting to make a backup script. Is it enough to backup /usr/share/manager-server, or are there other files stored elsewhere?

Thanks in advance!

Everything is stored in the application data folder at the path shown under the Preferences tab. In your case, it may still be the default location, or you may have changed it.

There is no data folder path showing in preferences when I access Manager via (Server edition). Is there another way to check?

What version number are you using? This may be under a different menu tab, possibly About Manager. If so, that suggests you should update your software.

I’m using V18.10.86. I’ve checked under all the tabs - no data path in sight :neutral_face:

Can you post a screen shot of what you see when you click on the Preferences tab?

Things have changed. The application data folder location must be part of the server setup process now. So it will be wherever you designated. Have a look at the folder you mentioned: /usr/share/manager-server.

Assuming the contents look something like those shown in this Guide, that is your data path. Only one of the hexadecimal-named files is the data file for any given business. The procedures in the Guide should help you identify it. Of course, you could back up the entire folder if you want.

wouldn’t it just be easier to open up a terminal and run:-

locate *.manager

I can connect to the Manager Data location on Ubuntu by doing the following: (This may be the default and hidden location for the manager data files on Linux). These are the files you want to have the system automatically back-up.
Note everything at command level will be case sensitive.

  1. ssh to your manager server and login as a sudo user. eg. ssh -l administrator
  2. Switch to the root account with sudo -i and do the password thing.
  3. At the prompt type cd ~/.local/share/Manager/ or cd /root/.local/share/Manager/
  4. ls -l (Will list your database files).

root@manager:~/.local# cd ~/.local/share/Manager/
root@manager:~/.local/share/Manager# ls -l
total 2608004
-rw-r–r-- 1 root root 196608 Oct 28 20:31 00000000000000000000000000000000.manager
-rw-r–r-- 1 root root 36864 Oct 6 15:32 0039f237ae6d4cbcb7ec418cc0c730d1.manager
-rw-r–r-- 1 root root 24682496 Oct 28 20:22 238097db79f84dc5a44a0c6f8aa04e6c.manager

Note the files under cd /usr/share/manager-server are the manager program files only they are not your company data files.

locate *.manager will also work but only locate your data if you are logged in as root because only root has access to the data file location at /root/.local/share/Manager/