WebView2 Required by Manager IO although its already installed

I have Windows 10 64bit installed on my PC
I just downloaded the latest Desktop version of Manager.io

the software requests that WebView2 must be installed and when I try to install it Windows says its already installed

Any help on this topic ?

I have already run Manager.io as Administrator, WebView2 is installed on my machine I’ve checked it
So what is wrong here ?

Uninstall manager and webview and then install Manager again - it should install webview at the same time, if not then download and webview again

I already tried this and it didn’t work

However I installed the 32bit version and it worked and now I’m testing on the 32 bit version

But I don’t think that this is a healthy solution, any additional ideas you can help me with?

I am surprised the 32 bit version worked- are you sure you fave a 32bit Window’s 10?

Your question made me check and its weird I have 64 bit Win 10 on my computer but Microsoft Edge is 32 bit ??!!

I’ll try to see how I can change EDGE to 64 bit and see if this fixes my issue

I couldn’t find a way to change Microsoft Edge into 64bit version, so the problem still exists!

My machine runs on Win 10 64bit and I can only install Manager io 32 bit I’m confused!

That’s odd - I have Windows 10 64-bit and Microsoft Edge 64-bit - I imagine that is your problem

You would have to uninstall Edge and re-install it I would think

Do a fresh install. Download Edge with a working browser at https://www.microsoft.com/edge?displaytou=1&brand=M024&OCID=GT6732 and install. As you have a 64-bit operating system it should now install a 64-bit version of Edge.

I guess you’d better check with your IT guy/gal. BTW, there’s nothing wrong with using Manager’s 32-bit version.

Correct this issue is from my side not related to Manager io

I’ll have support from my IT guy

@Mark you are correct 32bit version is same as 64, and anyways once we decide to go live we will go with the cloud version so it won’t matter anyway