Warning in Summary tab

Would it be possible to have a warning symbol, button ,?? instead of some long message that takes up valuable screen space with information that I already know because I set it up that way? Clicking on this “warning” would then display the message. This can then be a consistent feature across your software if you find it necessary to warn everybody about everything.

The main issue is that I want to discourage people to have Summary to show historical data.

It’s causing a lot of confusion when people have Summary to be set to some historical period because the totals in tabs won’t equal what’s shown in Summary tab.

My question is why do you have Summary tab period set to some historical period (rather than current period)?

Answer is I don’t. It is set to current month. There are some future transactions that are causing this warning. They are there because Manager as yet does not have a calendar/reminder functionality where one can create recurring transactions or reminders. Any plans?

What are these future transactions? Future purchase invoices?

They can be anything. If I have recurring regular payments that I want to be sure to pay, I want them in Manager somehow. This should be handled by a calendar/reminder tab which of course doesn’t yet exist. Right now, I have a tax liability account that I use to record tax payments for the year. At tax time I can calculate what these payments will be for the next year and I store these upcoming transactions as a future journal entry. Other upcoming government related transactions are also future dated. They don’t appear on the Summary page until the future date is within the set time period.

I don’t know if you remember that I have been helping my daughter with her business trying to set up a computer environment for her that is easy to use and available on her smart phone. She definitely does not have the time or patience for things that are cumbersome to use. The more things that are in one place the better for her. Manager has been a wonderful too so far compared with previous software. Recurring journal entries would help. A Calendar/reminder tab would be better. We currently are using an android based calendar that we adapt to Manager based activities so she remembers what she has to do in Manager and when.

@esenicki, you are asking for a feature to accommodate a poor accounting practice. I completely understand what you are doing and why, but no accountant would condone recording things in company records that have not yet happened. Many–possibly most–accounting programs would not even let you enter anything in the future. Recording a future transaction does not guarantee you will pay it when the date arrives.

Manager is quite sophisticated in its ability to ignore such future entries. But the transaction summary numbers end up being wrong on the current date.