Suppliers, Customers, and Items

This topic can be an idea.
When we enter a transaction if the Supplier for the Purchase or the Customer for a Sale and item not found in the database we have to go back to the relevant form create and come back which can be customized as
If the Supplier, Customer, or item is not found we shall be able to type them and continue with the transaction and the system shall autosave that data
We can always go and edit and update if needed

This suggestion has been raised many times before. The problem is that it raises the problem of multiple users entering the same customer/supplier/item again and again so transactions cannot be properly posted to subsidiary ledgers. It also presents difficulties with permissions.

Search the forum for discussions about ways to open multiple Manager windows simultaneously. That will keep you from having to abandon a transaction to define a customer/supplier/item and then come back to it.

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Your suggestion sound like a good shortcut, but it creates way more severe and numerous problems than it solves, especially when you consider that you can actually do a very similar shortcut that doesn’t involve compromising the data integrity and bypassing every control a computerized system offers.

What you can do instead is use the description field or the billing address instead of customer, supplier and item fields and then clear the suspense account when you do create those suppliers, customers and items.

This way we still have:

  • All the system controls enforced on those fields
  • Data integrity is always preserved
  • No bloat code used to make a duck moo like a cow and more importantly
  • You still achieve your end result with minimal effort.

When using a lot of the transaction forms, almost the first thing you enter is the customer or supplier so you have not lost that much time and input when you go back to create the new customer or supplier.

It is true that if you have entered 24 items and the last one is a new item it is more troublesome. But you do not lose your input. Create the form, create the new item and update the form by adding the 25th line.

How often do you need to create a new Item?
And surely you know this before you contact a customer and/or a supplier?

As Tut mentioned above can anybody tell me how to open multiple windows simultaneously in Manager cloud

That will depend on what OS and browser you are using

In Windows, right click on a link for example on a tab and choose Open link in new window works for me

Thank You Joe91