Duplicate Item Code?

If I have a already ITEM CODE then why is not inform me about that when I create a same ITEM CODE via INVENTORY ITEMS


I think even duplicate Purchase Invoice or Sales Invoice need to be notified as well.


Same problem I am facing.

This is actually a major problem with manager, because items start getting purchased on one entry and sold on another. This would affect your profit and loss statement, your inventory quantity management, and pretty much most aspect of account keeping.

I believe manager should not allow multiple entries on same item part number or code.

How would you propose Manager determine what is a duplicate, @rully_p ? One can easily imagine invoicing the same customer for the same thing time after time. That is why recurring sales invoices are possible. Likewise, businesses often purchase the same items from the same suppliers.

You can easily examine the lists of invoices and search them as to content. And you can generate customer and supplier statements based on either payment status or including all transactions.

I am not saying you are wrong to request a new feature. I am asking exactly what you think that feature should do and why it is necessary.

I respectfully disagree with some of your statements, @thauseef. There should be no effect on profit and loss or balance sheet, for example. Your financial performance and position would be unaffected. The only complication I can see is, as you suggest, to inventory quantity management. That takes me back to my comment on your other posting concerning the need for defined accounting processes.

Tut, I have been running manager for a year and half now. To give you an example of how the profit & loss, and accounting gets affected, please see the below example:

I have one particular product say item code 1234, which has been entered twice. So while purchasing, the part number 1234 (Entry number 1) was procured with a purchase order + Invoice from a supplier at cost of say 2000 USD. While invoicing, someone in my team ended up invoicing part number 1234 (Entry number 2) at a price of say 2500 USD. So instead of showing as a profit of 500 USD, the manager shows the profit as $2500, while $2000 shows as inventory stock.

I am not sure if I am getting the exact workings of Manager right, but I faced this issue even today, then i went to the sale invoice, and chose the Item code 1234 1st Entry instead ( I have no way of finding out which entry to choose. this is trial and error). Once i chose the 1st entry… the profit showed back to $500.

Now as we use this software more and more, it becomes difficult to monitor or comprehend the actual profit & Loss.

Let me know if I am missing something obvious which i should have noticed.

I have the same issue.
I have to check to see if the part is in the system first before i import the new part.
I have also made duplicates but i go back and change the transaction and delete the duplicated part.

Lubos - is this feature of avoiding duplicate entries going to be added in Manager any time soon?

There will be a warning if there are two inventory items with the same name, you will be able to merge them. Something like that already exists for accounts in Chart of Accounts but similar function will be implement across customers, suppliers, items etc.


Great, I can’t wait for this new feature improvement.

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Hi Tut, For example I have a contract for CPO for lets say 5000 kg, however from this 5000 kg I’ll do a few times delivery and the agreement that the customer will paid for every 1000 kg delivered. So in this case I’ll need to raise 5 Invoices which each invoices should have a different Invoice numbers due to tax purposes and regulations. So if my admin input the same Invoice number I believe it would be great if there’s an alert tell us that there’s an invoice number has been made before.

The original discussion under this topic concerned entering duplicate item codes. I interpreted your first reply about purchase and sales invoices to mean you wanted Manager to detect invoices for the same items, so you would not be able to create duplicate invoices for the same thing(s).

Your latest reply suggests you may only be concerned about the ability to raise invoices with the same invoice numbers. I think I would support that, as I don’t see why you would ever want to. Even a corrected invoice should probably carry an annotation as such.

@lubos: Excellent. This will without doubt close the biggest loophole I can see in manager so far. At least to the extent of my experience.

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Tut, In short - Manager shouldn’t allow any of Duplicate Invoice numbers, Duplicate PO numbers or Duplicate Item codes.

The most troublesome of the three currently happens to be the third - i.e., Manager issues no warning for Duplicate Item codes, and this means it is very easy to purchase one entry and make sales invoice for second entry, and this will directly affect your entire balance sheet.

I have been reviewing several other CRM vendors because this problem is something i cannot keep fixing manually anymore, and I have realized that duplicate item codes are just not allowed to be entered in any of the other software I am reviewing.

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I agree that duplication is a problem. I just created a new supplier to create a PO for them and then discovered that I already had the supplier listed and Manager was showing a duplicate of the supplier. So I can see why this is a problem for inventory as part codes are a lot harder to manually prevent duplication.



Is there a timeline for the resolution of Manager not accepting Duplicate Item codes being implemented?

There will be a warning in a few days but the warning will appear after duplicate is created. The purpose of the warning is to quickly highlight the problem and offer ability to “merge” duplicates.

The reason why I want to do it this way is because you might misspell duplicate and when you realize the error, you will be able to easily merge by simply correcting spelling mistake which will then trigger duplicate warning and do the merge.


This very good. Thanks Lubos. Hope to see it soon.

Also when I think about it now, the merging option for duplicate entries is a fantastic idea. This means all previous double entries can also be merged and I can really avoid the manual checking of old entries. Fantastic resolution of the problem for sure.

Waiting eagerly to see it implemented :slight_smile:

Hi Lubos… Hoping you are working on this. Sorry for putting the pressure, but End of Year is nearing, and by November end I am under pressure to start consolidating my accounts.

If duplicate codes are not eliminated by November end, I have to start the process of migrating to a different software, because my partners are looking to start auditing the financials by January 2016.

I am really hoping this will come through before that so i dont have to move.