Sales Invoice Customization


I am not able to customize my Sales Invoice. Earlier versions allowed me to do that.

Need help in customizing the sales invoice

if you had a customized sales invoice you can use the same template in the new version.

@jmehta129 - have you read this topic

[17.6.0] New workflow for custom templates

Thanks. Will try and follow the steps. Great Help

Is it possible to edit the default Sales Invoice template that comes with the package?

yes with html knowledge you can customize. you can search the forum for help regarding the codes as most have been already discussed.

Have you read this topic

hi @Brucanna
can we use different line for CGST & SGST tax line in invoice for separate calculation for other item in second line like that as given below

If it is possible please share programing code here.

Have you read the Guide on Indian GST?

Components of multi-component tax codes are shown in a vertical column below the subtotal:

55 AM

Is is possible get Invoice Template as per GST template notified from Govt of India. I did not find same in templates. Thsi will be very useful.

Govt of India just provide example… IT’s not a compulsory to copy as it is.
So please read the guide…

Thanks lot Another question, How do we show Input tax credit? ie Our Supplier already paid the tax, we paid him and need to take input tax credit our tax calculations.

you just have to record them as purchase invoices as is received from your supplier. enter the basic price for the item and select the proper tax code.
if the supplier provides a rate which includes the tax, then you just have to enter the same rate, select the proper tax code and at the bottom tick the check box which says Amounts are tax inclusive.


Need few updates. Pls let me know if already available.

  1. I want track one single entity/entry from “Sale Order” to Purchase Invoice. ie we get Purchase Order from our customer, I want to carry that reference till our purchase invoice delivary.
  2. As part of GST, Govt has come up template for filing the tax. Can you pls in corporate same in your next sw upgrade.


Sorry I mean “Sale Invoice” not Purchase invoice… It copies only item list etc… My requirement is I have PO from customer with XXXX no. I want this to be fixed and taken till Sale Invoice. Is there any field/option I can use.

after creating sales order, use the Copy to function to copy the same to a sales invoice.

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Hi Mehta; Hope you’re doing well.

Well, I am new in and was wondering to modify the Invoice Template. But not finding any clue. Since, I knew you’ve done it previously, could you please guide me, step by step, as I know basic programming but not a proficient.

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@smartkrawler, sales invoice templates were removed from Manager quite a while ago. You are responding on an old topic.

Manager now uses themes to control transaction display. Read the Guide: I must caution you, however. This forum is not an educational resource for how to program Liquid themes. If you do not have the skills, hire a local programmer. Most competent web developers could write a custom theme for you. That is what Liquid was developed for.