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Why I can’t find wages & salaries under expenses menu while spending money from bank?

Only a few accounts appear automatically in Manager. If you want to pay employees through the Payslips tab, read all pages at this link:


But you don’t have to use the built-in capability. You will, however, have to create the expense accounts you wish to use. See the Guide information here:


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I’m having the same problem. I have added wages and salaries as an expense item in the chart of accounts. It used to work fine. I could categorise an expense as wages. All of a sudden it does not appear as an option when I go to enter an expense. Very frustrating.
Just reinstalled/updated my Manager version as well and still the same problem.

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I think the Wages & salaries expense account you are trying to use is actually control account used exclusively by payroll. There was a bug in earlier days where it was possible to use this account when recording payments to employees.

If you are not using payroll module in Manager, then create you own Wages & salaries expense account under Chart of accounts.

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Thanks lubos,

creating a new expense account has fixed the problem. I thought the wages and salary account I was using was one I had created, but clearly that wasn’t so. It is linked into the payroll set up which I’m now also learning to use.

Thanks for your help.

I cannot find Wages & Salaries when i try to past a new Journal Entry and i choose account. It shows expenses and all the list as set in the chart of accounts but there is no Wages & Salaries. Am i missing something?

What are you trying to achieve? Wages & Salaries is default account where payslip expense is posted to. If you are using Payslip tab, there is no reason to debit or credit this account. If you are not using Payslip tab, then you will have to create your own Wages & Salaries expense account under Chart of accounts.

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