Which category would employees' salary fall under?

I want to add salary expenses for my employees but i am not able to understand where they would go.

Under ‘Expenses’ do you have ‘Wages and salaries’?

If not, you could create your own under chart of accounts.

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yes i have created a “salary” category. should i create a purchase invoice now?

Payments to employees should be recorded as simple “Spend money” transactions under “Bank Accounts” or “Cash Accounts” tabs.

No, don’t create purchase invoices (unless its some sort of contractor).

Just put it as a ‘Spend money’ transaction.

Damn, beat me to it!

ok got it, thank you!!!

how to add employee name ( which categories?)

Can someone help me? I am trying to create a journal entry, and when i try to add compensations for employees i can’t see wages & salaries on the list. How can I activate it? Thanks!

@grinrose13, are you issuing payslips in Manager? If so, then those compensations should be entered in the form of payslip. If you are not using payroll module, then you won’t get Wages & salaries account but you can create your own under Chart of accounts.