Paying employee goes to expense claims


I am trying to use the payslip feature but I am a bit lost.
I simply want to add myself as an employee to my small company and pay myself from the company main bank account.
When I created a payslip and then added a payment from my main bank account, the expense goes registered as an “expense claims” and not as a “wage” expense account which should show in my profit & loss statement.

In my country, on the profit and loss statement, there is a field called “Wage” in the expense column, I was hoping to be able to create in the chart of account a “Wage” account and choose it in the payslip account but I find myself unable to choose any other accounts from the payslip payment page.

Any idea what am I doing wrong please?

Thank you.

Let’s clarify the flow of information:

The account to which employee earnings are posted is set when earnings payslip items are defined. The default will be Wages & salaries. If you change that, all subsequent uses of that payslip item will go to whatever account you have set. See

When a new payslip is created, the liability goes to Employee clearing account and the employee’s subaccount. So far, no payment has occurred. All you have done is record the company’s liability to pay the employee. See

When you pay yourself, post the payment to Employee clearing account (and your subaccount). See

Expense claims should not enter the picture unless you happen to be reimbursing yourself for an expense claim. That situation is covered in the last Guide linked above. The payment still posts to the Employee clearing account, though, assuming the expense claim payer for the expense claim was selected from the Employees group. (See If the expense claim was filed by selecting your name from the Expense Claims Payers group, you will instead post the payment directly to the Expense claims liability account.