Cant apply salary to Expense account


Sorry, I am a but lost here.

I have created a Payslip, for $100 less $13 Tax.
I have paid the $87 to the employee and the $13 to the tax man, so both Employee Clearing Account and Payroll Liabilities is NIL, which is good.

But, I have a $100 debit in an account called Suspense in Equity.
The Wages and Salary expense ledger is $0

Anything I tried to do to move this money fails, Wages & Salary does not appear in the drop down list under expenses, no matter whether I tried Journal, Spend Money, or embezzle money. yet it exists.

I think the problem relates the the Payslip, but I still cant see where/how the salary gets debited to the Salaries ledger account.


You need to go to Settings tab, then Payslip items.

This will allow you to set up your payslip categories such as Wages which can be mapped to expense account.

Payslip category must be chosen on payslip, otherwise the amount will be posted to Suspense instead of expense account of your choice.