Unable to select sub - item under "expenses "


i am facing a problem when recording payroll for employees, i want to select sub item “wages and salaries” account that is under the category of “Expenses”. However, when we select the drop-down box , “wages and salaries don’t appear” . the records are correct when i use payslips howevere i want to to be able to see my payroll transactions and the amount spent for payroll this way. what are the steps in order to fix this problem.

Your description of what you are doing is not clear. Where is it that want to select the Wages & salries expense account?

When creating a payslip, the only things you can enter are previously defined payslip items for Earnings, Deductions, and Employer contributions. These are defined under Settings. Part of the definition is the selection of an account. For earnings items, the default account is Wages & salaries. That account does not appear in the dropdown list because it is the default. It is there automatically.

First you create under Settings - Payslip Items a Payslip Earnings item, this is where the account is allocated
0 Payslip Earnings

Then in the Payslip tab you select the Payslip Earnings Item - say Weekly which is linked to the account.
0 Payslip tab Earnings